Co-operate WNC harnesses the power of co-operation at a regional scale to meet human needs and address our most pressing ecological and social challenges. 


  We use collaborative economic tools such as a community-owned credit union, savings pools and timebanking to support the development of a regional network of community hubs into a coherent regional scale Permaculture.


These physical community centers are resourced and linked together by Co-operate WNC's mutual aid network, but designed, owned and operated by the people in each area they serve.


Where many other efforts towards sustainability are falling short, the ancient strategy of mutual aid offers an effective response to the root causes of domination mentality and ecological overshoot.


As Co-operate WNC empowers its members to meet basic needs by working together, the resulting cultural and economic glue creates political topsoil for re-growing our democracy as a pluralistic commonwealth. Our successes serve as a training ground for similar initiatives in other regions.


Through collaborative economics and development of mutual aid community hubs, we create access to survival needs such as food, housing, healthcare, mental health and safety; the same systems create access to information and education, companionship and cultural life, participation in self-governance, and support in finding meaningful personal action.

Co-Operate WNC

Regional Mutual Aid for a Regenerative Future


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