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Regional Mutual Aid For A Regenerative Future

"We who spend more energy co-operating than competing tend to survive. Survival of the fittest means survival of the most co-operative."

- Zev Friedman, Founder, Co-operate WNC

About Us

Welcome to Co-operate WNC, a western NC mutual aid initiative. We invite you to join us in this hopeful, long-game approach to facing our most wicked ecological and social challenges.


Our vision is permaculture on a regional scale. We aim to harness various collaborative economic and organizational tools, including a community-owned credit union, savings pools, and timebanking, to support the development of a regional network of community hubs.


These physical community center hubs will be supported, resourced and linked together by the larger Mutual Aid Network, but designed, owned and operated by local people.

The regional network operates at the scale necessary to heal, transform and replace broken economic and social support structures. It allows us to create things that take alot of people: a healthcare co-operative, a climate resilient farming and food access revolution, independent media outlets, disaster/emergency response teams and other major services that are typically difficult to fund and organize at a grassroots level.  

Each community center focuses on delivering these services so that they meet the particular needs of its nearby community, empowering and supporting people to meet their needs, and developing a holistically positive future, through the proven power of co-operation.


As this initiative develops, it will begin to provide services that directly benefit you and your loved ones. At this stage, we need your help and involvement. Some options to get involved include: 

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Thank you so much for your support.

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Co-Operate WNC

Regional Mutual Aid for a Regenerative Future


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